Alaksandr Milinkevič, Chairman, For Freedom! Movement

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Alaksandr Milinkevič, Chairman, For Freedom! Movement

A former vice-mayor of Grodno, one of the regional centers of Belarus, Alaksandr Milinkevič became a national political figure before the 2006 elections when the Congress of Democratic Forces elected him the main oppositional candidate for president. And though the announced result left him no hopes for revanche, he was strong enough to stay in politics.

With an old-fashioned beard and a love for a concisely-worded thought, Milinkevič resembles a classic university professor. He is a comfortable interviewee for a journalist – he answers questions with precision, so the only thing left is to insert the quote into the article. He is fluent in French and Polish, which simplifies his communication with Paris, Brussels, Strasbourg politicians and other officials.

In politics, Milinkevič embodies readiness for a dialogue with any political force – unless the highest value of Belarusian state sovereignty is put under threat. He opposes economic sanctions against the Belarusian regime, he considers it necessary to use all legal means to expand the freedoms, and does not believe in the possibility of revolutionary changes.

Alaksandar Milinkevič is rightfully proud of his ancestors. His great-grandfather was a rebel in the anti-imperial uprising of 1863-64, and his father, a well-known teacher, started his teaching career in the Warsaw Grammar School directed by a great writer and humanist Janusz Korczak. In politics, Dr. Milinkevič also shows pedagogic traits – he supports the youth and tries to help the young.

Electoral campaign of Milinkevich in 2006, Opinion about AlyaksandrMilinkevich, People’s Programme initiative

Author: Handbook on Belarus for International journalists