Aleh Hulak, Chairman, Belarusian Helsinki Committee

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Aleh Hulak, Chairman, Belarusian Helsinki Committee

Aleh Hulak heads the oldest Belarusian human rights association – the Belarusian Helsinki Committee. Calm, soft-spoken, and confident with a sense of irony, Aleh Hulak is one of the most prominent human rights analysts in Belarus today. The Council of Europe has heard his speeches many times on issues including capital punishment abolition, humanization of the penal system, and protection of the rights of political prisoners and minorities.

Aleh Hulak has led the civic campaignHuman Rights Defenders For Free Electionsat various times. Under his guidance, numerous data on violations committed during the elections by candidates, election commissions and the government has been summarized. Hulaks detachment has helped him to maintain an open mind in the most problematic situations.

This is probably one more reason why the Belarusian authorities have to contend with him. Aleh Hulak was a member on the Public Advisory Council under the Head of the Administration of the President. According to observers, if the post of ombudsman is ever introduced in democratic Belarus, Aleh Hulak stands a good chance of holding it.

Interviews with Hulak: Svobodnye Novosti, Belaruspartisan,

Author: Handbook on Belarus for International journalists