Aleksandr Feduta, political expert

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Aleksandr Feduta, political expert

Aleksandr Feduta is in Belarusian politics since 1994: he was a member of the first campaign headquarters of Aleksandr Lukashenko and his first press secretary. Although stopped working for Lukashenko in 1995, foreign journalist are still interested in the motives behind controversial actions of the “Europe’s last dictator” when interviews him.

Aleksandr Feduta says he is tired of answering questions about Lukashenko. He can be understood: he wrote a 700-page book about his former boss but he is still asked questions about him!

Feduta is an interesting person not only because of this. He has a keen mind, he is a talented journalist which won him many admirers and made the same number of enemies. One of the most malicious critics of the Belarusian authorities he is not less critical of the Belarusian opposition, although he considers himself a representative of the opposition.

In recent years he has actively participated in politics: Aleksandr Feduta was a member of the campaign headquarters of Uladzimir Niaklajeu during the presidential election in 2010, received a two-year suspended sentence and continued his political activity after a four-month detention at the KGB detention centre. 

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Author: Handbook on Belarus for International journalists