Aleksei Pikulik, Administrative Director, BISS

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Aleksei Pikulik, Administrative Director, BISS

Aleksei Pikulik is the head of a relatively young independent research center - the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies (BISS). Pikulik belongs to a new generation of Belarusian political scientists who have got education and defended PhD theses in Europe. There are still few of them but it is they who determine new trends in the Belarusian political thought. The authority of BISS is proved by the fact that its experts are the key participants of all roundtable discussions and seminars held by institutions of the European Union and the Council of Europe on Belarusian issues. And the more confusing the situation in Belarus seems to European politicians and officials the more carefully they listen to the opinions of Dr Pikulik and his colleagues.

This does not mean that BISS and its experts adhere to one side of the inner Belarusian conflict. On the contrary, their position is always weighed which displeases both representatives of the authorities and the opposition. It may seem incredible but once opposition radicals accused Aleksei Pikulik of playing up to the ruling regime at the time when representatives of the bodies of internal affairs took away his passport (so he could not travel abroad) and imprisoned him under false pretenses: the intelligent young professor was accused of using dirty and swear words in the presence of two police officers who were insulted by this.

Aleksei Pikulik, however, views this incident as humorous: he thinks it’s hard to deal with politics (and political analytics) in Belarus without being arrested at least once.

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Author: Handbook on Belarus for International journalists