Ales Lipay, Director, BelaPAN News Agency

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Ales Lipay, Director, BelaPAN News Agency

When the communist system collapsed and the freedom of speech became a reality the first private information agencies emerged in Belarus. There were several of them. After eighteen years of authoritarian rule only one of them survived - BelaPAN. Its founder and irreplaceable leader is Ales Lipay.

Today BelaPAN reporters work in all regional centers and major Belarusian cities. It is a news source for all independent and many governmental media. All foreign missions accredited in Belarus are subscribed to it. It is the only non-governmental information agency that has its own sociological department and publishes poll results. BelaPAN’s main Internet project is along with numerous accompanying ad hoc projects. For instance, online coverage of election campaigns in Belarus by is very popular among the readers.

As a journalist Ales Lipay prefers to stay behind the scenes and focuses on his managerial functions. But those who know him well, know also that he is a Belarusian poet, author of several recognized poetry collections. Ales is also a good analyst and an observer who tries to occupy the golden middle and always has his own point of view.

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Author: Handbook on Belarus for International journalists