Ales Ryazanov, Poet

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Ales Ryazanov, Poet

When Ales Ryazanov was young, the authorities of the university where he studied attempted to expel him for his ‘nationalistic moods’. They thought that Ryazanov, a literature and languages student, was too active in advocating the Belarusian language and the right of this language to be the main language of the Belarusian people. He must have already known that a poet writing in his own language could achieve a lot.

Today Ales Ryazanov is a recognized virtuoso of Belarusian poetry. It is thought that his poems can’t be translated into other languages. But Ryazanov thinks differently: he expertly translates his poems into German. German readers say that this Belarusian poet with the nervous face of a true intellectual and a mad glitter in his eyes writes in German as well as Hölderlin. Ryazanov would hardly agree with this: he thinks that Belarusian is the only language he can write in.

There is no modern day for this Belarusian poet: Ryazanov lives in Eternity. His partners in conversation are evangelists, medieval Slavic preachers, Belarusian printing pioneers. For the poet the great culture of the past is the token symbolizing that everything is not lost, that the Belarusian people will be able to survive. And the poet is just a prophet carrying to his people the light of the divine Truth.

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Author: Handbook on Belarus for International journalists