Alexander Moshensky, General Director, Santa-Impex, Brest

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Alexander Moshensky, General Director, Santa-Impex, Brest

Alexander Moshensky is one of few Belarusian businessmen who represent a business dynasty. The Santa Impex Brest company was founded by his father, Mikhail Moshensky, a highly-respected person in the Brest region and in Belarus’ business world. Alexander managed not only to carry on the business, but also to develop the empire and increase its presence on the national market.

The company is known today mainly for two major commercial brands: Santa Bremor deals with processing and supplying fish and seafood, Savushkin Product deals with the production of milk, dairy products, and fruit juices. Every consumer in Belarus knows these two brands and often prefers Moshensky’s products to imported ones. They can be found in all big retail stores all over Belarus.

But Moshensky doesn’t restrict himself to Belarus. His products are sold in Russia, Ukraine, and EU countries. He is among the Belarusian oligarchs who weren’t affected by visa sanctions. On the contrary, Moshensky strengthened his influence by receiving EU supply quotas. It is highly probable that Moshensky, also the Honorary Consul of Iceland in the Republic of Belarus, will attract large-scale Western investments for his business and will increase his production even more.

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