Algierd Bakharevich, Postmodern writer

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Algierd Bakharevich, Postmodern writer

Algierd Bakharevich is one of Belarus’ leading postmodern authors. He tends to shock his readers. Whatever the topic, his books touch readers deeply.

Usually Bakharevich lives in Hamburg. Nobody knows for sure what he does there, but his writings published in his home country provoke scandals. And it’s not about his literary texts which would be willingly forgiven by the readers as they have read more shocking things by other authors. It’s because Bakharevich dared to write a cycle of articles in which he made a deconstructive analysis of the whole pantheon of Belarusian writers. The worst criticism was leveled against Yanka Kupala, a recognized classic, the first writer who was awarded the honorific title of the National Poet of Belarus under the communist system.

The classics were defended by those who saw themselves as classics’ successors. A war of writers began. Not for readers, just against each other. The search for enemies is driven by human psychology. And the young writer Bakharevich voluntarily became an enemy for literary giants. Nobody knows whether literature has been affected by this war. But Bakharevich got the status of the scandalously known writer and it doesn’t seem to bother him. He feels good. 

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Author: Handbook on Belarus for International journalists