Anatoly Lebedko, Chairman, Unitied Civic Party

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Anatoly Lebedko, Chairman, Unitied Civic Party

Despite his young age, Anatoly Lebedko was elected a deputy of the first democratic Belarusian parliament in 1990 and managed to hold on to his mandate at the 1995 elections. He was a member of the first election headquarters of Alexander Lukashenko, but became an oppositionist when the President, elected with his support, began violating the Constitution and narrowing the democratic field.

Lebedko could have made a career in the executive power structures, but he preferred to remain faithful to his principles. Maybe he regretted this when he, like many other democratic activists, was thrown into the KGB jail after the 2010 presidential elections during which he headed the election headquarters of Yaroslav Romanchuk. But he was courageous and respect-worthy both before and after incarceration. In the end, no charges were brought against Anatoly.

Today Anatoly Lebedko leads the United Civil Party which includes many prominent former Belarusian public officials – ex-ministers, ex-deputies, as well as scientists and businessmen. And though the United Civil Party, as the majority of Belarusian parties, is not numerous, it is a force to be reckoned with.

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Author: Handbook on Belarus for International journalists