Andrei Khadanovich, Poet and translator

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Andrei Khadanovich, Poet and translator

When this young poet was elected president of the Belarusian PEN Centre, no one understood how good this choice was. Everywhere in the world, creative writers’ associations and clubs are headed by leading names. But this thirty-year-old man, a clever, witty, brilliant writer, was not then fully appreciated by the literary maitres.

There is something else about Andrei Khadanovich. He turned out to be a brilliant organizer of literary life. And his main aim was to acquaint Belarusians with world literature in their native language. Khadanovich became the founder of a new Belarusian school of translators.

A brilliant stylist and imitator, Khadanovich is capable of the most unexpected transformations. Charles Baudelaire and Czesław Miłosz - what could be further apart?

Khadanovich turns every major event into a festival. The centenary of Czesław Miłosz was a real occasion. Belarusians had already forgotten the times when Minsk halls were filled with people willing to listen to poetry. And though the anniversary of the great Polish poet did not fill huge ice palaces, but only small concert and university halls, thanks to Khadanovich the poems of Miłosz were read in ten languages under the arches of those halls. And there were many listeners.

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Author: Handbook on Belarus for International journalists