Andrej Dyńko, Chief Edior, Nasha Niva newspaper

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Andrej Dyńko, Chief Edior, Nasha Niva newspaper

Andrej Dynko became the youngest editor-in-chief of the non-governmental newspaper Nasha Niva, which is a big responsibility: the newspaper is considered to be the first newspaper of the Belarusian national and cultural revival founded by the classics of Belarusian culture in the early 20th century. Revived in the first years of the Belarusian sovereignty Nasha Niva has become today’s the most influential voice of Belarusian moderate nationalists. And Andrey Dynko, once a graduate of Minsk Linguistic University, has become an influential media figure.

This tall, quiet young man can be tough and uncompromising when issues concern ideals of national revival so dear to his heart. However, Dynko is able to hear the arguments of opponents, and this allows him to also be persuasive, to find an adequate answer to any question posed to him.

Dynko does not limit himself to newspaper projects. Nasha Niva publishes a popular book series which includes essays, poetry, and fiction. Dynko is capable of serious civil action for which he once was arrested (Andrey described his imprisonment experience in a prison diary). But the most important is that Andrey Dynko supports younger journalists, which implies his newspaper has a future.

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Author: Handbook on Belarus for International journalists