Andrey Kudinenko, Film Director

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Andrey Kudinenko, Film Director

This talented forty-year-old filmmaker is a graduate of the National Academy of Arts; his teacher was the master of the Soviet Belarusian cinema Victor Turov. But Andrey Kudinenko himself not seen as a typical director for the Belarusian cinema school. The most sensational of his films, "Occupation. Mysteries", was denied a distribution certificate in his home country, meaning it was in fact banned. His adaptation of the classic French novel by Prosper Mérimée "Lokis" released under the title "Masakra” was also considered by critics to be shocking.

But this doesn’t stop Kudinenko from being popular, especially among the young intellectual and creative beau-monde of Belarus. Young directors are proud that their colleague is on close terms with Emir Kusturica and that he has made a remake of the famous Soviet youth movie "Rozygrysh".

Andrey is not embarrassed by his reputation. He openly admits not liking Tarkovsky films and preferring Hitchcock. At the same time, Kudinenko is provocative but sincere: he actually says what he thinks, which is also proved by his films.

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Author: Handbook on Belarus for International journalists