Anna Khitrik, Actress

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Anna Khitrik, Actress

Wide open, amazingly vivid and bright eyes - that is what you remember first after talking to this young actress. Nobody would call her a demonic beauty, but her charm, inartificial child-like ways, devotion to her profession and undoubted talent bring her many admirers. If the Belarusian cinema were in full bloom now, the level of her skill could be appreciated by everyone in Belarus. But she is happy enough with her home at Kupala Theater

Anna Khitrik can manage everything: with equal success she plays in light comedies as well as serious tragic roles. Surprisingly flexible, Anna is also a wonderful singer and even performs on stage as the soloist of pop groups ‘Detidetej’ and ‘S’unduk’. She deeply feels the intonations of a partner, so her acting always includes elements of lively improvisation, which makes the viewer enjoy familiar plays as if they were premieres. 

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