When are the World Ice Hockey Championships? 

The 2014 World Ice Hockey Championship will be held from 9- 25 May 2014 in Minsk.

Do I need a visa to enter Belarus during the World Ice Hockey Championships?

The Belarusian authorities have decided to provide visa-free entry in Belarus during the 2014 IIHF World Ice Hockey Championships (from 25 April to 31 May 2014). You should have:

  • a valid passport

  • accreditation /ticket to an ice-hockey match (printed or electronic)

See additional requirements for staying in Belarus.

How can I buy a ticket?

Tickets are available at box offices in Belarus and online at:

▪     http://www.minsk2014.com/

▪     http://www.ticketpro.by/jnp/wc2014/index.html   

 Ticket prices range from €6 to €400 (final matches).

 How can I obtain accreditation?

 If you plan to work as a journalist while you are in Belarus, you should apply for an accreditation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus.

 There are two different types of accreditation: permanent (valid for a period up to one year) and temporary (valid for a period up to two months).

 You can get more information about the process and download the application form here.

 For permanent accreditations, you will receive a decision within two months from the date of your application. Decisions on temporary accreditation are issued within 20 days. If you need a temporary accreditation with urgency, it is worth asking — they might be able to speed up the process.

 To reach the press office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, call + 375 17 327 5154. They speak English. It is best to call a few days after you have submitted your application to make sure that all your documents are in order. They will then tell you how long the decision will take, which is usually under two months.

 During my stay in Belarus, can I work on other topics not related to the World Ice Hockey Championships?

 The Belarusian government has issued an official demand according to which journalists who arrive to cover the championship should not cover any other events.

 Journalists planning to cover any other story than the Ice Hockey Championships are asked to make a separate application to the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Other events to be held in Belarus during the Championships

9 May - Special Military Parade to celebrate Victory Day.

Author: Handbook on Belarus for International journalists



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