Mikhail Myasnikovich, Belarusian Prime Minister

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Mikhail Myasnikovich, Belarusian Prime Minister

Mikhail Myasnikovich comes from the last generation of Belarusian state officials who got into big politics in the Communist era. His managerial qualities were highly appraised by Alexander Lukashenko who, at the dawn of his rule, left Myasnikovich (who had been the head of his main competitor’s elections headquarters) in the government. After the 2010 elections, Lukashenko appointed him Prime Minister of Belarus. Since then the Belarusian political establishment has been joked that there are only two people left from pre-Lukashenko times – Mikhail Myasnikovich and the Head of the Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Philaret.

Myasnikovich is smart, silver-tongued, and engaging. He is able to convince and find a common language even with his opponents. When Alexander Lukashenko appointed him head of the National Academy of Sciences, Myasnikovich managed to prove himself as an outstanding manager to scientists – he attained subsidies for large-scale research programs and even convinced the President of the need for Belarus to have its own space program.

Mikhail Myasnikovich is a brilliant diplomat. He easily makes arrangements with Western and Eastern foreign investors. But his powers are limited by the frames set for him by Alexander Lukashenko – the incumbent Premier Minister is loyal to the ones who appointed him to this post and does not seem to attempt to increase his influence. But, surprisingly, that is why it is increasing – suspicious Lukashenko responds with trust to loyalty.

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Author: Handbook on Belarus for International journalists