Nikolay Pinigin, Theatre Director

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Nikolay Pinigin, Theatre Director

The head director of Belarus’ main theatre - the National Academic Yanka Kupala Theatre – made his mark during perestroika. This theatre, traditionally proud of its theatrical conservatism, was brought down with applause at the opening night of the play "Tuteishyja" when the national Belarusian white-red-white flag, banned under communism, was raised. Since then Nikolay Pinigin has been considered a leading theatre director in Belarus, his productions have provoked debate and attracted viewers.

Pinigin is equally at home producing plays by Belarusian classics or by modern trendy western writers. An admirer of individualism, he encourages actors to improvise but within a specified outline: Pinigin sets a strict task for the actors so they do not fall outside the general tone of the play and create a unique ensemble, which is exactly what the audience comes to enjoy.

Pinigin intentionally distances himself from politics. But this does not prevent each of his productions from bearing relevance to the current day. The Kupala Theatre attracts a new generation of viewers - largely thanks to the talent of its chief director.

Author: Handbook on Belarus for International journalists