Oleg Manaev, Director, International Institute for Socio-Economic & Political Studies

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Oleg Manaev, Director, International Institute for Socio-Economic & Political Studies

Doctor of Social Sciences Oleg Manaev is well respected by every member of the expert community in Belarus regardless of views they hold. In the first years of sovereignty Professor Manaev who worked at the Department of Sociology of the Belarusian State University created one of the first non-governmental research institutes in the country - the Independent Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies. Much has changed since then: due to pressure from the Belarusian authorities the Institute had to find a legal refuge in the neighboring Lithuania, however it still gives figures that are not always pleasing to both the authorities and the opposition, but both the authorities and the opposition have to take into consideration the results of surveys conducted by the Institute.

Professor Manaev is particularly interested in issues related to social processes occurring among young people. He regularly publishes articles and monographs on this subject. There is a reason for this: the experienced sociologist believes that the future of Belarus depends to a large extent on the views of today’s young people.

Oleg Manaev can be considered a favorite analyst by foreign journalists. His English is perfect and he formulates ideas clearly when answering a question. Moreover, his ideas are always sharp and original.

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Author: Handbook on Belarus for International journalists