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Online media

Control over the Internet is centralized with the government-owned Beltelecom managing the country’s Internet gateway.

Recent studies by Gemius have shown that the number of Internet users is rapidly increasing. At the same time, Belarus once again received the title of ‘Internet enemy’ from “Reporters without borders”.

In all, the internet censorship is rather mild, with occasional blockings (on important social events, like movement “Social Networks Revolution”), self-censorship of the leading portals, with legal regulation being gradually developed. Decree 60 of February 2010 affirmed the obligation of ISPs and cybercafés to collect Internet users’ personal data and conduct citizen surveillance, and the option for authorities to order the blocking of any site deemed “extremist”.

An unpublished list of 35 websites has been created with restricted access from state establishments. These include opposition website, and

The website editor Natalia Radzina now lives in exile after she had to secretly flee the country because of the KGB harassment; the website has been subject to cyber-attacks.

Shedding Light on Internet Regulation in Belarus

Most important internet portals include:,,,,,,

Author: Handbook on Belarus for International journalists