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Print media

On April 1, 2012 there were 1,411 print media outlets registered, of which 404 are state-run and 1,007 private. Every print edition is required to obtain a license from the Ministry of Information if its print-run exceeds 299 copies. There are a lot of small-circulation editions which are impossible to count. There are some mass media that are denied licenses for some reasons, so they look for others ways of registering, for example, in Russia.

See the Ministry of Information’s website for statistics of print and electronic media outlets (in Russian). See here for a full media directory

State newspapers

SB-Belarus Segodnia (formerly Sovietskaya Belorossiya) has the largest circulation of all newspapers with over 500,000 copies daily. Often, employees of state-run institutions are required to subscribe to this newspaper and the cost is taken from their salary.

Other state-owned newspapers include: Narodnaya Gazeta (founded in 1990 by the National Assembly), Respublika (established in 1992 as the newspaper of the Council of Ministers,), and Zviazda (since 1917).

Independent newspapers

The overall weekly circulation of all independent newspapers is around 500,000 copies.

The most popular non-state national newspapers include Komsomolskaya Pravda (weekly circulation 300,000??), Narodnaya Volia (since 1879) and Nasha Niva (since 1906) which along with other newspapers have often been subject to pressure by economic and legal means. Nasha Niva recently opened portals in English and in Russian.

Other important national newspapers include:

Belgazeta (21,000 copies) - analytical weekly newspaper with Belarusian news: policy, economy, business, finance, society, events, culture, and entertainment. Ekonomicheskaya Gazeta – Belarus’ oldest economic biweekly periodical, established in 1992. Belarusy i Rynok - Established in November 1990. It was the first newspaper in Belarus that started to analyse the complex problems of transitioning to a market economy. Its mission is to assist the development of democratic institutes in Belarusian society.


Popular Magazines: “Belaruskaya Dumka” (socio-political and popular scientific, founded by the Administration of the President in 1991),

ARCHE Beginning” - since 1998, one of the two Belarusian editions invited to the European network of intellectual magazines “Eurozine”; another Eurozine partner is “Dzeyaslou”.

Author: Handbook on Belarus for International journalists