Svetlana Kalinkina, Chief Editor, Narodnaya Volya newspaper

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Svetlana Kalinkina, Chief Editor, Narodnaya Volya newspaper

Today she is one of the top most popular opposition journalists in Belarus. In 1995 she quitted the state Belarusian News Agency BelTA and started working for the non-governmental newspaper Belorusskaya Delovaya Gazeta. She started as an editor in the Information Department, later promoted to Editor, and finally became the Chief Editor. Under her leadership BDG became the main opposition mass medium in the country, which was “appreciated” by the authorities: eventually the newspaper was closed.

Svetlana Kalinkina was able to prove herself not only as a skillful manager, but also as a bright and talented journalist, in particular, when she started working for Narondnaya Volya newspaper, only daily non-governmental news medium in Belarus. Today her columns are eagerly awaited, read, and reprinted on the Internet. Readers who do not have enough money to subscribe to the newspaper usually ask distributors, about articles by Kalinkina. She won prestigious international journalism awards, but she says the awards of the Belarusian professional journalistic community are the most dear to her as they are given by those who know the value of a free word spoken in a country that is not free.

The country authorities are keeping an eye on Svetlana and her colleagues. The newspaper premises and journalists’ flats are regularly searched. Representatives of the authorities try to intimidate them to make them keep silence or reveal the sources of information. If the newspaper does not come out, its readers browse the Internet to find out whether there is an article by Kalinkina.

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Author: Handbook on Belarus for International journalists