Uladzimir Arlou, Historical writer

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Uladzimir Arlou, Historical writer

Today Uladzimir Arlou is the most popular Belarusian writer covering historical topics. He knows the past of his country to perfection, as every professional historian should. He has an excellent knowledge of the history of his native city, ancient Polotsk, which he has written about in many of his books.

A tall, grey-bearded man with a brick-red face. He could be taken for an ancient Belarusian warrior defending his land with a sword. And he does defend it. Arlou’s books, particularly “Ten Centuries of Belarusian History” and “The Land of Belarus”, have taught a new generation what it means to be a ‘Belarusian’.

Arlou is constantly at the centre of social life. He participates in all rallies supporting Belarusian culture and democracy. His interviews and journalistic articles touch the most poignant and debatable issues. Arlou is not afraid of criticism. That is why citizens of the Polish city of Gdansk, awarded the Poet with the European Freedom Poet Award. To a writer whose works are inseparable from the memory of the ideals of freedom.

Interviews: tut.by, naviny.by, Arlou’s website

Author: Handbook on Belarus for International journalists