Vladimir Makei, Foreign Minister of Belarus

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Vladimir Makei, Foreign Minister of Belarus

Vladimir Makei, nominated Foreign Minister in August 2012, who headed the Presidential Administration of Belarus – in fact was the chief of Alexander Lukashenko’s private office – for almost five years, is far from being the obscure clerk that he seems to be in the eyes of journalists and diplomats. Calm by nature, Vladimir Makei is well-educated and knows several foreign languages.

In Lukashenko’s environment, Vladimir Makei is considered a “dove” as opposed to numerous “hawks” because he stands for good relations with the West, especially Germany, due to his close links to German intellectuals and business persons. But despite all his influence it is not him who defines state policy, therefore his Western companions are often left disappointed as the Belarusian regime does not become more moderate or democratic.

Nevertheless, Alexander Lukashenko’s trust in Makei is extremely high. This is not only because Makei has worked as an Aide to the President for a long time and Lukashenko has got used to him. There’s more – when the elder son of the President, now the Aide on the National Security, started his state career, it was Makei who introduced Viktor Lukashenko into the secrets of the civil servant profession.

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Author: Handbook on Belarus for International journalists