Yuriy Zisser, Founder of tut.by portal

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Yuriy Zisser, Founder of tut.by portal

Yury Zisser never presents himself as an expert. He is a businessman dealing with IT. He is the founder of the most popular Belarusian Internet Portal www.tut.by and knows the moods of the Belarusian society better than anybody else. After all, forums.tut.by reflect any change in these moods.

When the Public Advisory Council was set up by the Head of the Presidential Administration, Yury Zisser was invited and agreed to become its member. Like any other businessman Yury Zisser feels much more comfortable if there is civil consent, that’s why he tried to do everything possible to reduce the degree of political tension in Belarus, which includes helping the authorities to find common grounds with Europe. This caused him being accused of betraying the ideals of democracy by the opposition. However, the authorities - unable and unwilling to follow Zisser’s and his counterparts’ advice eventually dissolved the Public Advisory Board.

Today Yury Zisser considers himself a politically unaffiliated public figure. He had to leave the post he occupied in the business structure he had created. But this does not mean that he stopped thinking about what is happening in Belarus and expressing what he thinks out loud.

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Author: Handbook on Belarus for International journalists