Yury Chizh, General Director, “Triple” ltd

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Yury Chizh, General Director, “Triple” ltd

This laconic, self-assured person can be proud of himself – he achieves every goal he sets for himself. Yury Chizh is more than one of the top Belarusian businessmen – he is among a handful of Belarusian oligarchs. Traces of his activities can easily be seen in economic areas such as civil engineering and construction materials manufacturing, oil refining, the restaurant business and food production, and a network of hypermarkets under his trade name.

Although Chizh started his business career before Alexander Lukashenko was elected President of Belarus, like the majority of big businessmen he gained his capital not only due to his own organization efforts and economic activity, but also due to his close relationship with the President. Playing in the same ice hockey team with Alexander Lukashenko, Chizh has to play in the same business team with the head of the state. Large-scale financial turnovers pose a great risk – the more noticeable you are, the more the authorities are tempted to take your property away from you. But Yury Chizh is loyal and the authorities value this, When several top managers from his empire were arrested in 2009, Chizh remained silent. This silence saved him, his entire business, and his employees.

Unlike other big businessmen who are happy to stay in the Belarusian capital, Chizh goes beyond Minsk’s boundaries – his companies are extensively expanding to the regions. Undoubtedly, this active businessman could find common ground with any authorities in Belarus. But now Chizh is content with the existing one.

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